Onion cutter


Onion cutter is a kitchen tool that allows you to hold food while you cut it.


Cutting your food is easy!

The onion cutter is made of high quality stainless steel for food safety, durable and beautiful in appearance. Insert the slicer into fruits and vegetables and cut them along the rack with a knife, which is safe and convenient. The onion rack used for slicing really helps to prepare dishes and salads faster.

Onion cutter is easy to use, Stainless steel teeth make it easy to cut onions with a knife.Onion firm and guide your knife to get even slices. Comfortable handle gives you a secure non-slip grip.


Secure your fingers in the kitchen

Its use is multiple, you can cut potatoes, cucumbers, eggs.The teeth are sharp and easily slip into hard vegetables like onions, carrots or potatoes.

You can also use this product with meat.

Our onion cutter is made from high quality materials. Good for beginners, who just have less experience cutting things, which is perfect to protect your hand from scratches or scuffs.


Why choose Onion cutter?

  • Secures your fingers while cutting   
  • Allows you to cut your food evenly
  • It's a high quality stainless steel tool ( will not rust )
  • Easy to use


Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Jane Trantow

It came much faster than expected. Good quality, everything as described. Thank you!

Berry Feest

Excellent product, good quality.

Cleve Rolfson

a necessary and useful thing in the kitchen, cutting onions, tomatoes ......

Elena Ondricka

Good product. I like it! Quality and delivery! Thank you!

Barney Hintz

Practical and very simple thing to cut into equal slices.